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Jill Gorman

Superstar Consultant


My Story

     I have written my Scentsy Story several times.  Wow!!!  It has changed throughout the years.  I joined Scentsy in 2010.  Originally it was going to be a hobby.  Then it started to grow and produce a great income.  What I didn't see so close in my future was that I was going to be a single mom raising two boys by myself.  Once I started to see my income grow I started by rolling up my sleeves and doing whatever it took.  I did fundraisers, had parties and open houses.       I started to build my team of amazing women and men.  They motivate me beyond words.   Not only are they friends to me they are also my family.  Sometimes I talk to them more than I do my family.  To date I have 63 team members and we continue to grow. my family dynamic has changed drastically.  My Scentsy business has given me the additional income needed to make it during my recent divorce.  So now more than ever before I have had to buckle down and focus on my business and raising my sweet boys.      So my "why" has changed over the years.  Now it has become a need to do it and excel at it to provide for my little guys.       I am forever grateful to my customers and team for supporting my business.  Thanks for reading it my friends.   Jill <!--endbody-->  

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